WordPress Membership Plugins Review – Magic Members, MemberWing-X, WishList Member

This article is the second in the series ‘WordPress membership plugins review’ where I list and compare various membership plugins that you can use to jumpstart your membership site. You can read the previous article here where I talked about Digital Access Pass, s2Member Pro and aMember Pro. In this article I will be comparing another 3 plugins: Magic Members, MemberWing-X and WishList Member. Combined with the 3 plugins I already reviewed, they are probably the most popular and well-known membership plugins. Each has its own pro and cons, and definitely require some learning curve to explore and maximize its usage.

Magic Members

Website: http://www.magicmembers.com
Magic Members is another popular membership plugin for WordPress among internet marketers. The complete Magic Members suite consists of the core Magic Members plugin and Magic Kicker plugin that prevents account sharing by preventing multiple people logging into a single account. Magic Kicker must be purchased separately if you buy Magic Member single license so this is one thing to take into consideration if you are making comparison with other plugins that have built-in account sharing prevention. However, you don’t really need Magic Kicker in order to use Magic Member but it’s a nice add-on to secure your products.

Magic Members support a wide array of payment processors such as PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, 2CheckOut, CCBill, Authorize.net, ClickBank, WorldPay, MoneyBookers, iDeal, Epoch, AlertPay, Ogone, SagePay, eWay, PagSeguro and offline payment. It doesn’t come with built-in email autoresponder but integration with AWeber, GetResponse, Constant Contact, iContact, AutoResponse Plus and MailChimp are supported so you should be covered there.

Besides recurring and one-time membership payment, you can also set up pay-per-post in Magic Members where user can pay only for selected contents. You can also group several posts into a package which is a great feature to offer your customer domething like discounted bundle.

Magic Members comes in single domain license ($97), 3-domain license ($197) and unlimited domain license ($297). All licenses come with 1 year free updates and support. After a year, license maintenance is $49/ year for Magic Members and $19/year for Magic Kicker. All come with 30-day money back guarantee.

There is no built-in affiliate management in Magic Members so you need to use a separate plugin Magic Affiliatefor that. Magic Members 3-domain and unlimited domain license comes with 20% off discount for Magic Affiliate.


Website: http://www.memberwing.com
MemberWing-X boasts a 1-minute pay-per-content set up right after activating the plugin. Basically you only need to insert a special shortcode into the content and MemberWing-X will automatically create the PayPal payment button, takes care of creating new member account and content delivery. It can’t be simpler than that.

The good thing about MemberWing-X is it has fully-functional demo version so you can do your own test. The catch is it limits you to 10 members and displays ads on the protected contents and admin panel.

MemberWing-X has few features that is not found in other WordPress membership plugins at the time of writing. The first is Google First Click Free standard that can help with search engine ranking you can read about Google First Click Free in Google’s blog). Another feature is data leak protection called TraceFusion which embed user identity watermark in downloadable files so you can trace if anyone share your product illegally.

Single domain license will cost you $199.95 while unlimited domain license is $299.95. There is another Time Sensitive Information(TSI) edition which also costs $299.95. TSI edition has extra set of time-based access restriction rules which is targeted for real-time and time-sensitive information publishers such as financial analyst, investment and securities industry or trading advisors. All licenses are lifetime license and come with 1 year upgrades and support. Annual support and upgrade renewal after 1 year is $40/year for single license, $60/year for unlimited license and TSI edition license.

WishList Member

Website: http://www.wishlistproducts.com
WishList Member is fully integrated with a number of payment processors such as PayPal, 1Shopping Cart, ClickBank, Infusionsoft, Premium Web Cart, QuickPayPro, and Red Oak Cart, and it has integration support for other processors through the ‘generic’ option. For autoresponder, Aweber, MailChimp, Autoresponse Plus, Interspire Email Marketing, and GetResponse are supported out of the box and there is also ‘generic’ option to support 3rd party email autoresponder.

Protecting your contents is very easy with WishList Member. You have the option of setting up the protection level for individual post in its edit screen, or do mass protection from the admin panel. Account sharing prevention is also supported without additional add-on. Partial content protection is done through inserting shortcodes and there is handy manual on the post edit screen to help you remember which tag to use.

Content drip or sequential content delivery is, however, lacking compared to other plugins like Digital Access Pass or aMember Pro. Basically, to drip content to members you need to upgrade them to a higher membership level. So if you have a series of 10 modules to be delivered each week, you need to create 10 membership levels. And that is just for one product. This may not be a problem if you have simple membership structure or don’t need to drip content.

There is no built-in affiliate management in WishList, but it supports integration with iDevAffiliate through add-on and you can also use ClickBank and 1ShoppingCart.

Single domain license is $97 which includes support and upgrades for 1 year. Unlimited domain license is $297, also includes 1 year of support and upgrades and 4 bonuses: 2 custom membership themes, audio tutorial, a webinar access and 300+ membership icons. Support and upgrade renewal after 1 year is $47/year. WishList Member has 30-day money back guarantee.

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  1. Bob Tolbert says:

    Great review. From my experience I can recommend on Wishlist Member. I think it’s one of the easiest membership plugins to use. About the content drip problem, there is a great plugin called WP Drip by Lance Tamashiro and Robert Plunk that we also recommend on our site and it does a great job.

    • Battra says:

      Hi Bob! Thanks for mentioning WP Drip, I didn’t know about it and will check it out. Anything that makes content drip better in WishList is great and I’m not a fan of how they are doing it out of the box 😀

  2. fanatical says:

    Does WP Drip work with Wishlist? If so that could be an option for me as their (complicated) content drip has been the main barrier for me. On the verge of refunding DAP currently.

    • Battra says:

      From the WP Drip sales page, looks like it does. Scroll down until you almost reach the bottom, it’s said: “You’ll get the most benefits out of this plugin when using it with Wishlist Member, but the basic drip functionality will work with ANY membership that “synchronizes” with WordPress, such as MemberWing”.

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