Tracking Your CPA Campaigns: Prosper202, CPV Lab, Bevo Media, or LinkTrackr

In the previous article, I talked about stuff I did to get started with CPA marketing and how I set up a landing page and tested the tracking. Tracking is something that I want to discuss further as I have to agree with all the CPA experts out there that you have to track your campaign since day 1 because CPA is about data analysis and the more data you get the better you can fine tune your campaigns.

Let’s start by listing the options we have when it comes to tracking.



You will probably hear Prosper202 mentioned most often when people talk about tracking CPA campaigns. That’s probably because Prosper202 is the only free, self-hosted script available out there. The biggest plus point here is obviously the price but be aware that Prosper202 does not come with support. There is a public support forum but you rely on fellow users’ answers if you have problems and the forum doesn’t look that active.

If you don’t know how to install and maintain Prosper202 and need more support, you can sign up with the hosted version instead called Tracking202. Price starts from $5/day (about $150/month) for 100,000 clicks a month.



CPV Lab is another self-hosted script for tracking CPA campaign and a lot of seasoned CPA marketers swear by it. It does have a lot of features that are missing from Prosper202 such as rotating offers and landing pages. Technically you can do it with Prosper202 too but you need to write some PHP and also edit the PHP whenever you want to change something whereas CPV Lab makes it easy for you to do so. CPV Lab also allows you to track the entire sales funnel starting from the opt-in page and through multiple landing page sequence.

The price for CPV Lab is $297 and you get 1 year free support and updates. Afterwards, upgrade and support is optional at $147 per year. The license itself will not expire after one year so you can continue using it if you are happy with the current version and don’t need much support.

Bevo Media


Bevo Media is another free tracking option but it’s not self-hosted and the free version comes with some limitation. The plus point of Bevo is that it supports geo-targeting which is very important if you are targeting local market outside of the U.S., and it has day-targeting too. Bevo also claims that their fingerprint tracking is 97% accurate as opposed to the 80% accuracy of the standard pixel tracking.

The catch of the free account is you have to manually import your converted subid. To link your Bevo account with CPA network accounts, you need to become a verified member and pay $19/month. The price works out to almost 30% more expensive than CPV Lab over 5 years (assuming you pay CPV Lab yearly support and outside of the hosting cost). What I don’t like is I couldn’t find any info about the pricing on their website or the limitation of the free account. Only after I signed up and tried to access the premium features did I become aware of monthly price.



LinkTrackr account starts from $9/month for the Basic account (maximum of 100 tracking links and 10,000 clicks a month) but in order to track conversion, you need a minimum of Pro account ($19/month). Landing page rotation or A/B split test, however, is only available in Hyper account ($39/month). What’s interesting is you can also do link cloaking with LinkTrackr. Using their WordPress plugin, you can automatically convert any keyword in your site to affiliate or offer link. This feature is similar to that in WP Traffic Tools and Pretty Link Pro.

There are other tracking solutions besides the four mentioned above but I limit my research to these four. My first priority is to have self-hosted solution instead of hosted so that leaves me with Prosper202 and CPV Lab. The reason I prefer self-hosted script is I want full control of my data.

Between Prosper202 and CPV Lab, CPV Lab wins hands down for its features. However, I chose to use Prosper202 for the time being while I’m still learning and tweaking and getting the hang of running CPA campaigns. Once I see consistent income (and profits) from my campaigns, I’ll switch to CPV Lab.

Which brings us to the topic of hosting. Although it’s recommended to run Prosper202 or CPV Lab in a VPS hosting, I’m still running it on my shared account since my volume is low. If you are doing PPV then going the route of VPS is recommended since you are bringing in large amount of traffic.

Beyond Hosting offers managed Linux VPS that is optimized for Prosper202 and CPV Lab and they can also help you with the script installation and setup. Beyond Hosting also states in its Terms that legal adult content is allowed so it’s something you can consider if you are running adult-related offers. Of course you can use any VPS as long as it meets the minimum requirements.

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