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Recently CPA marketing picked my interest again and I’ve been reading heaps of materials to buff up my knowledge in that area of affiliate marketing. Why ‘again’? Because a while ago I got interested in CPA but all the stuff about PPC, PPV, tracking, and especially the initial investment needed to set campaigns deterred me from doing it. The conclusion at that time was CPA is not for newbies and unless you REALLY know what you are doing, stay away from it or you’ll burn money faster than you can say ‘CPA’.

While it’s still somewhat true that jumping in to PPC/PPV to promote CPA offers without having sufficient knowledge is a bad idea, newbies can still do CPA marketing and there are other ways to promote offers beside PPC and PPV. However, you do need to invest time and effort to track and test literally everything. So it’s not a set-and-forget way to make money (well, what is?).

So, what started my interest again?

I found this free guide called ‘Newbie411’ by Oliver Kenyon at around November last year. I think I downloaded the same report quite some time ago because the title sound familiar but this time I was determined to actually read it cover to cover. Newbie411 turns out to be a VERY GOOD guide for beginners to CPA marketing in a sense that it gives a complete overview of CPA and very well written and presented (I’ve seen tons of $7 WSO that look way worse than this). If you are new to CPA or just want to know what CPA is, I’d suggest you download this guide.

From this guide, I found and joined the CPAFix forum (owned by Oliver as well). While it’s not as big as other, more established, forums yet it’s growing fast and there are many helpful members who share ideas, tips, etc. Lots of affiliate managers hang out there too so you can approach them if you need some help in getting your application approved or just want to get some help.

About a month ago, CPAFix launched its private forum called The Dojo. Quite frankly my heart sank when I heard this because I could foresee monthly subscription to get the good stuff and at this time it’s not something that I can afford. I do make some money from affiliate marketing but most are invested back for backlinks and SEO. I think at one point the plan was to charge $47 per month.

Then came the good news. The Dojo was launched with one-time payment of $97! Of course I grabbed it right away because I suspect the pricing may change in the future as the forum grows as was the case of several private forums that I know. So if I can lock in the one-time price, why not?

There are, of course, other private CPA forums but they are way over my budget as a beginner. StackThatMoney is a popular one but subscription is $99 per month, IMGrind is another but they also charge $99 per month.

So far I’m happy with my CPAFix Dojo membership. The good thing about private forum is people are more willing to share ideas, tips, resources, etc because it has limited audience. Methods won’t get saturated fast and loopholes *cough* won’t be closed soon. You get the idea. I mentioned just now that PPC and PPV are not the only way to promote CPA offers and you can build your campaigns with minimal investment using videos, social media, etc. Below are some of the ideas shared in The Dojo.

CPAFix The Dojo

Various promotion tips inside The Dojo

The Dojo also has nice tools for building CPA campaigns such as Landing Page Generator, Banner Generator, Google Exact Results Tool, and Link Cloaker (although I’d prefer to use my own domain for cloaking). The landing page & banner generators are especially nice if you are technically challenged.

Free tools for The Dojo members

Free tools for The Dojo members

Since joining The Dojo, I have one campaign for one offer running now to get my hands dirty with setting up tracking script and linking it to the CPA network. So far it is working and I already have unbelievable, mind-blowing 2 (yes, TWO) conversions, earning me a whooping $2.80. That was just from submitting the landing page to Twitter exchange. I rock!!

(Well, the truth is I was sidetracked with personal stuff so I haven’t really been focusing on it. But looking at the result, the potential is there)

Next time I’ll be talking about tracking tools like Prosper 202, CPV Lab, and Bevo Media. Why? Because CPA without tracking is like driving with a blindfold.

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