The Best Spinner 3 Launch – Get The Best Spinner 3 For Only $47

Jon Leger recently announced that The Best Spinner 3 is launching soon, October 1 to be exact. And for the first week of October, you can get The Best Spinner 3 for $47/year instead of the regular price of $7 for 7 days and then $77/year. This is a HUGE discount!!

One thing I absolutely love about version 3 is the user interface. It looks much prettier than the current version and more intuitive. I wonder if SpinnerChief will update its interface too right after this considering SC started off by copying all TBS functionalities and they continue to be each other’s direct competition in terms of packing more features. All I can say that we as customers are the winner!

So hang on tight and don’t forget to grab The Best Spinner 3 on October 1!