Profits Theme Review – The Best Internet Marketing WordPress Theme?

Recently there is a new player in the internet marketing WordPress theme arena called Profits Theme. Created by Welly Mulia and Adi Djohari, Profits Theme is a WordPress theme that is specifically created with internet marketing business in mind.

Its website claims that you can build “full-blown profit sites in minutes … without touching a single line of code and without knowing anything about design or Photoshop”. This claim is certainly very promising as a lot of internet marketers are business savvy people but have limited technical and design skills and knowledge.

It is therefore a typical challenge for many internet marketers to create a website or sales page that is both professional looking and converts well. Often these tasks have to be outsourced which means paying a designer for every site.

What Are The Available Solutions?

One solutions is to hire a designer to create the websites or sales pages, or to buy ready-made templates. Hiring a designer means you need to pay for each site that you are planning to build. As for ready-made templates, mane of them are already geared specifically for niche websites with relevant header images so there is no shortage of options especially if you are in evergreen niches. But these are often HTML-based which is good for mini sites, but can be difficult to maintain for medium or larger sites that are actively updated.

With the popularity of WordPress as a blog and CMS platform, more and more internet marketers are using WordPress to get the advantage of easy content management and the massive amount of free and premium themes and plugins. However, usually you need to install separate plugins for each of the functionality required such as optimizing on-page SEO, creating sales page, squeeze page, pop-up opt-in form, masking affiliate links, creating membership site, and so on. Some of these plugins are free with limited flexibilities, and some are premium which means you will end up spending a lot of money.

So a single theme that can do all of the above (in just minutes) and only require one-time payment is indeed very attractive. That’s actually the unique selling proposition of Profits Theme. Other similar system like Kajabi requires monthly payment and your sites are hosted with them which give you little control over your own content and data. Another plus point of Profits Theme is that you only need a single license to install the theme on unlimited domains that you own.

What Can Profits Theme Do?

In general, Profits Theme covers every aspect of building an internet marketing website and sales funnel. Some of the pages that it can create are:

  • Landing/squeeze pages
  • Sales pages
  • Product launch pages
  • One-Time-Offer pages
  • Legal pages
  • Autoresponder confirmation/thank you pages
  • Multi-level membership site
  • Download area
  • Blog

All of the above are done through WordPress dashboard so you don’t have mess with the HTML/CSS/PHP codes. (Yes, the above list looks sales-y because I used the built-in bullets that comes with the theme and integrates nicely with the WYSIWYG editor. It’s a simple highlight-and-click.)

Profits Theme integration with WordPress editor

On top of that, Profits Theme also has features that usually require separate plugins such as:

  • Opt-in form (pop-up and on-page form)
  • SEO
  • Basic ads management
  • Link cloaking

Made to rival other internet marketing WordPress theme like OptimizePress and JVPress, it is clear that Profits Theme wants to pack a lot of features to become the ultimate all-in-one WordPress theme for internet marketing.

What’s The Verdict?

Front-end design

All of the 6 skins that come bundled with the theme are very slick and well-designed, giving the website a professional look. Out of the 6 skins, 5 comes with several color choices. The web elements such as button, boxes, landing page template also look very nice and this theme generously gives plenty of models and colors to choose.

Profits Theme skin and color theme selections

Back-end interface

The theme has hundreds of customizable options starting from the layout, fonts, header image, navigation menu, featured posts thumbnails, and so on. All are done through the usual WordPress theme/plugin options interface. The drag-and-drop interface for creating landing/squeeze/sales page is however very impressive and convenient. Works like WordPage widget, you can drag and drop components such as headline, sub-headline, image, buttons to the 3 areas of the page (header, content, sidebar).

Profits Theme drag-and-drop interface to create landing page

As I already mentioned above, some components like bullet list, Johnson box, badges, arrows are integrated into the WYSIWYG editor so inserting them into the content is very easy.


The sales video on Profits Theme website goes over many of the features quickly but I was still surprised to find that it also comes with ads management (albeit a basic one) and pop-up opt-in form. The overall features are comparable to other internet marketing WordPress theme such as OptimizePress and JVPress.

The SEO features are very good and cover the common options of customizing the title, description, and keywords for the whole site, posts, pages, and various archive pages. You can also set each noindex/nofollow for every post and page which, in my opinion, a must-have feature that is sadly lacking in All-In-One SEO plugin. So if you don’t wont to use a separate SEO plugin, the SEO that comes with this theme is good enough.

Link cloaking is very basic and by default it will cloak all external links, if enabled. Customizing the link’s URL is done only by specifying a prefix that will be used in all of the cloaked links. There is no click tracking and reporting as well. If you just need something to mask affiliate links and not very particular about the URL, the built-in cloaking is good enough. Otherwise you still need a 3rd party plugin such as Pretty Link.

Profits Theme link cloaking options

Ads management is also very basic. I guess that’s because this is a theme rather than a specialized plugin. You can upload banners to be placed at the top and sidebar, but there is no tracking and you can’t do banner rotation.

Profits Theme banner ads management

Membership site is currently only for paid members which means they have to go through payment gateway (PayPal or ClickBank) before they are added to the member list. There are a lot of requests for free membership site and at the time of writing, this feature should be available in April in the new version (which is always free once you purchase the theme). Setting up membership site is done through creating several pages for the homepage, sections/categories, and contents. I’m familiar with using WordPress but for this one I need to watch the tutorial video to understand how to structure the membership site.

Design Flexibility

Once you select a skin and the color theme, you can further customize the header image by uploading your own image or use a pre-defined images. The theme comes with 22 headers for 7 popular niches. All of the pre-defined headers have high-quality.

Profits Theme pre-defined headers

You can also customize the fonts for different part of the site (header, navigation menu, etc) by changing the font color, size, style, and the font family. If you need more elaborate customizations, you still need to write your own CSS which can be attached to the theme.

Overall, Profits Theme in the current version is an excellent solution to create landing & sales pages quickly, with or without a blog attached to the site. Few areas like the membership site is still a work in progress but when it’s done, this can be a real heavyweight champion of the internet marketing WordPress theme.

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  1. Ben Upaka says:

    The features of profit theme as mentioned above seem intimidating and I may have no choice but to give it a try eventually as I am planning to launch my niche blogs with sales and squeeze pages soon.I would have loved to see any sites presently developed with the theme.Can I possibly see any before I make my Purchase.Meanwhile is the new update for membership sites already launched?

    I need to hear more please.
    Ben Upaka

    • Battra says:

      Hi Ben,

      To see many examples of Profits Theme-powered sites, you can google “powered by profits theme” (including the quote). I wrote this review more than a year ago and it has been actively developed since then. The latest version is 1.1.9 which was released in July 2012 and yes, membership site feature is completed 🙂

      They have 30-day money back guarantee so you can always change your mind if it doesn’t suit your need.

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