Paid CPA Forum: Which One To Join?

If you read a couple of my latest post, you probably already know that I’m dabbling in CPA marketing now. So far I have tried free traffic using YouTube, a little bit of PPC until I received warning from Google (yep, they still don’t like affiliates), and now I just started to learn PPV.

I know, I know .. I should stick with one traffic method and learn the ins and outs instead of jumping around but until recently I didn’t quite know which one I wanted to start with. Free traffic basically means SEO and link building, which I’ve done before and I really want to go into paid traffic.

PPC seems a little bit easier for newbies but I feel that I will always be at the mercy of the PPC networks who are known to dislike affiliates. After the warning email from Google, my brand new Bing Ads account was disabled without any reason. Mind you, this was before I even created any campaign. Yes, I used my real name and credit card which don’t have any bad history at all in any networks.

So, the next option is PPV.

I have no problem at all with the technicalities of creating landing pages be it writing HTML, customizing WordPress theme, or putting together image-based landing pages using Photoshop. Nor do I have problem setting up tracker and connecting the dots between CPA network’s affiliate link, tracking app, and traffic source. I know how they are supposed to link together.

What I do have problem is decision making. I know the guidelines for when to kill a campaign/target but there are some stats that make me second-guess myself. So I’ve been thinking of joining a paid CPA forum where I can do follow along project, ask questions more openly and hopefully receive more detailed feedback from more experienced members in the forum.

From what I gathered, IMGrind seems to focus more on mobile CPA so my list is down to AffPlaybook at $67/month and StackThatMoney at $99/month. Both have good reputations, come with a variety of tools and seem to still be active. To be very honest, the monthly fee is not something that I can afford for a long time right now on top of the VPS cost and testing budget. Probably I will join for a month or two to absorb as much as I can and then decide later if I should continue. Hopefully by then my campaigns will be profitable enough to cover the cost.

Now, back to the question – which one should I join? Comparing the free tools included in the membership, beside the generic tools like pop-up previewer or keyword finder, StackThatMoney offers more PPC tools like POF Spy, POF Ad Uploader, and AdSense Finder while AffPlaybook has more PPV tools like PPV Spy and PPV Leak Checker. So it looks like AffPlaybook is the winner for my needs right now.

If I do join AffPlaybook, I’ll do a review of my experience with the forum.

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