Exit Splash Discount – $150 Off Exit Splash Plugin

Exit Splash Discount

Here’s the thing… People are LEAVING your website. That’s to be expected, right?

But here’s the problem — They’re leaving WITHOUT TAKING ACTION!

This means you’re wasting a percentage of your web traffic, and you’re not making any money from it. Even if you have a “good” converting sales page, you probably have 95 out of 100 visitors leaving your site without taking any action.

But this is not just for sales pages. It applies to many different types of websites, including…

  • Sales pages – regardless of what you’re selling.
  • E-commerce sites – regardless of what you’re selling/promoting.
  • Landing pages – regardless of what kind of landing page it is.
  • Squeeze pages – regardless of your opt-in rate, unless it’s 100%.
  • Content sites – regardless of your niche, or method of monetization.

On ALL of the above types of websites, you’re wasting valuable exit traffic unless you’re capturing it with an exit software like Exit Splash.

Exit Splash Discount

The Exit Splash program gives you an opportunity to open a new channel of communication with them, to capture their attention, and turn that potentially wasted visitor into a lead or a sale.
The initial pop-up is NOT blocked by pop up blockers. It’s unblockable.

The normal price for Exit Splash is $197, and other sites may give you discounted price of $67 ($130 off). But here you can get it for just $47 ($150 discount!!)