Can’t Afford Scrapebox? Use Comment Blaster v2 – It’s Free!

If you are building backlinks, I’m sure you heard about Scrapebox and how good it is for scraping, commenting, and a multitude of other tasks thanks to its numerous add-ons. It only needs a one-time payment so it’s somewhat affordable even for those not making money yet from their IM ventures *ahem*

However, all is not lost if you really can’t afford Scrapebox. I just found out today that there is a free alternative to Scrapebox for blog harvesting, comment scraper, and blog commenting. It’s called Comment Blaster v2 (the latest version as of today is v2.1).

Yes, it’s free as in free beer! Take a look at the screenshots and video below (all courtesy of Jangedoo, the developer).

Comment Blaster - Blog Analyser

Comment Blaster - Results

Even if you already have Scrapebox, and alternative is always welcome so check out Comment Blaster website!