Automatic ClickBank Conversion Tracking Using CPV Lab

Beside promoting CPA offers, I also promote a number of ClickBank offers. What I like about promoting ClickBank offers is they have less restriction when it comes to promotion methods and depending on your niche, ClickBank products may convert better for your target market.

However, it’s not possible to set up tracking pixel or postback URL through ClickBank the same way as you do in CPA networks. In order to track the whole campaign you have to manually download the converting subIDs from ClickBank report and then upload them to your tracking tool.

It gets the job done but wouldn’t it be better if there’s a way to do it automatically?

The good news is, as I just found out, it can be done with CPV Lab.

ClickBank has something called Instant Notification Service (INS, or sometimes also called ClickBank IPN) which is an almost real-time notification that alerts you of transactions in your account. You can read more about Instant Notification Service on ClickBank website. This feature is disabled by default so you have to manually enable it.

If you enable Instant Notification Service in your ClickBank account, you must have a place to receive, extract and process the transaction details. Previously I wrote my own PHP script to grab these details and send them to my email.

Since version 2.16 (the latest version as of today), CPV Lab can receive ClickBank notification and update your campaign automatically, much like CPA networks can send converting subIDs through postback URL.

When your visitor clicks your campaign URL, CPV Lab generates a unique subID and pass it to ClickBank. If he bought the product offered, ClickBank will trigger the INS and a notification message is sent back to CPV Lab. The notification includes details such as the subID and transaction amount among other details. CPV Lab will then update your campaign.

How To Enable and Set Up ClickBank Instant Notification Service

To enable ClickBank Instant Notification Service, log in to your ClickBank account and select ‘Settings’ from the top menu and then select ‘My Site’ sub-menu. Scroll down to ‘Advanced Tools’ section and click the ‘Edit’ link on the right side.

ClickBank instant notification settings

Enter your secret key in the ‘Secret Key’ field. You can set the secret key to anything you want (alpha-numeric, must be in uppercase), just make sure you write it down because we are going to need it later when setting up CPV Lab.

In the ‘Instant Notification URL’ field, enter ‘http://your-cpvlab-domain/adclick-cb.php‘. Click ‘test’ and make sure the test says OK. Click ‘Save Changes’ button to save your INS settings.

How To Set Up CPV Lab To Receive ClickBank Notification

The following steps are optional as CPV Lab will still track your conversion correctly regardless but it adds a layer of security to make sure that the notification really comes from Clickbank.

Using FTP client such as FileZilla or cPanel’s File Manager, go to the ‘lib‘ folder in your CPV Lab installation folder and open the ‘constants-user.php‘ file.

CPV Lab config file

Find the PHP variable ‘$GLOBALS['ClickbankSecretKey']‘ and update it with your ClickBank secret key. Remember that the secret key must be in uppercase.

CPV Lab config file

Now you are all set to receive instant update from ClickBank whenever a conversion happen.

Just a Note

ClickBank sends the notification using POST request so after CPV Lab process the conversion details, it will only execute any additional server-to-server pixels set up for the campaign. Any 3rd party pixels entered as image, iFrame, or script will not be executed.

If there are more than one conversion from the same subID (for example, visitor buys the main product and OTO) CPV Lab will update the campaign with the sum of all revenues received from ClickBank for that subID.

How About Prosper202?

Well, out of the box Prosper202 cannot receive ClickBank INS. You still have to manually upload the converting subIDs. I found a WordPress plugin called WP Trackstar that seems to use ClickBank INS too to update Prosper202. I can’t find more info about this plugin apart from the official website but it has 30-day money back guarantee so you can try and see if it’s good.

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