I’m Battra, and I’m a struggling internet marketer.

There. I will just say it upfront and be honest with you. I’m not a marketing guru and not even an internet marketing expert. So why did I create this website? Because everyone has to start somewhere and learn their way up, so this is the place where I share bits and morsels of knowledge as I come across them and hopefully you can benefit from them as well.

I first got a taste of the internet way back in 1998 but only realized the marketing potential in 2009 (VERY late, I know, but better late than never) by joining Ed Dale’s 30-Day Challenge. I did the challenge in the middle of moving to another country so it just fell behind and I never got to complete it, but at least it gave me a start. Then I came across a course called AffiloBlueprint and bought my first ever internet marketing course. Money was tight as I was no longer working at that time, but on hindsight I’m glad that I bought it because it opens up the internet marketing world the right way for me.

The right way? Yes, because it doesn’t promise you the sun and the moon overnight but instead a solid foundation of understanding what is involved to build your first niche website. Contents are well-structured, videos come with full transcript, and Mark Ling is not one who keeps churning out eBooks after eBooks every month. Well, he doesn’t have to when I finally understand his genius marketing strategy. So I’m grateful for him.

From there, I learn more by hanging out at various forums and experimenting with some methods or strategies shared by other members. There are many generous folks out there who freely give their tips and advice for newbies, we just have to be wise enough to filter out these gems.

Of course this website is about making money as well so do expect that some of the links shared here are affiliate links 🙂

If you are interested in AffiloBlueprint, here is my affiliate link – AffiloBlueprint. I will be very happy if you use my affiliate link, but it’s fine too if you don’t. Just clear your cookies 🙂