5 Essential WordPress Plugins For Internet Marketers

Previously I made a post about must-have general plugins for every WordPress site. This post continues to talk about WordPress plugins that are essential if you are doing internet marketing.

1. Link Cloaker Plugin

When you are promoting products as an affiliate, it’s much better to beautify your links because many affiliate links are super long and look very cryptic. You can use free service such as bit.ly or TinyURL, but it will look more professional if the shortened link contains your own domain name. For link cloaking or masking, the most popular plugins is Pretty Link (lite version is free, pro version is premium).

2. Google Analytics Plugin

You don’t really need a plugin to insert Google Analytics code on your site but a plugin usually comes with bells and whistles that can be handy. Popular plugins are Google Analyticator and Google Analytics For WordPress.

3. Social Media Plugin

Promoting your website through social media like Facebook and Twitter is the hot trend right now. BackType Tweetcount allows readers to re-tweet a link to your post and show how many times your posts have been linked to Twitter. OnlyWire for WordPress is the official plugin from OnlyWire.com that allows you to submit your post to 30 social networking sites simultaneously. To let your readers easily bookmark your posts on social bookmarking sites, get Sociable or Sociable for WordPress 3.0 plugin.

4. Sales Page Plugin

Makes life easier. Much, much easier. Otherwise creating a sales page that is actually good looking and converting well is a pain. Either you create all of the header image, buttons, and bullets for the list from scratch, buy image packs separately and manually inserting them on the page, or give up and hire a designer to do the sales page. If you Google “wordpress sales page plugin” you will find several plugins but so far the most professional looking is WP Sales Engine. It has a lot of graphics to choose from and it integrates nicely with WordPress editor.

5. Pop-up Opt-in Form Plugin

Most analysis show an increase conversion rate of opt-in when pop-up is used as opposed to just displaying the opt-in form on the page itself. Two big players are PopUp Domination and OptinPop (free with limited features). I think PopUp Domination‘s opt-in forms have more polished look. However, OptinPop Advanced can do split test which is a major feature to boost your conversion rate even more.

There you have it! For even more shortcut, Profits Theme has link cloaking, sales page creator, and pop-up opt-in form bundled in a single theme. Read my Profits Theme review to find out more about this theme.

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  1. Vic says:


    Good post Battra, very useful. However your link to the profits theme is bad. It should be profitstheme.com without the hyphen between profits and theme. The link you give leads to a very badly designed “pretend” site – probably a spamming one. And the link to it seems to be a “dofollow” so google will downgrade your site too! Suggest you rel=”nofollow” many of your other links to help your serp – just saying 🙂

    Read your membership plugin review and found it useful too – keep blogging good content!


    • Battra says:

      Thanks for the nice comment, Vic! And thanks also for catching the mistake. I have fixed the Profits Theme link now.

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