8 Best Photoshop Action Scripts To Create eBook Cover

Information or digital products have never been more popular. For product owners, information products is attractive because of the low-cost, no physical stocks involved, ease of delivery and more importantly easy to create. For affiliates, promoting information products gives them much higher commission than promoting physical products.

However, unlike physical products, information products are intangible (unless the seller is shipping out CDs or DVDs) so we can’t take their actual pictures. So the common practice is to market them as virtual books which means we need to create attractive book covers that entice people to (virtually) swipe their credit card.

And in my opinion, “don’t judge a book by its cover” does not apply here. Sleek and professional eBook cover conveys the image that the product is a high quality product and not just some low-quality PLRs merged together.

Unless you are a graphic designer and a Photoshop expert, most of us need a little help to create a convincing eBook cover. If you already have Adobe Photoshop, you can buy one of the Photoshop action scripts listed below and creating eBook cover becomes much, much easier.

Once installed, you can select the product you want to create from the Actions panel. The process of creating the cover is usually the same. Running step 1 of the script will create the 2D or flat version of the product and you will then design the cover by adding background, title, images and so on. Once ready, running step 2 will transform the 2D design into 3D end product.

Photoshop action scripts to create eBook cover

The following eBook cover designers are not listed in any particular order. High price does not always mean better, the most important factor to consider is to think what are the products that you want to create and foresee yourself creating in the future. For example, if you plan to offer membership in the future, buying scripts that can create membership card may be a better option even if you have to spend a little bit more.

Cover Action Pro

Website: http://www.coveractionpro.com

The big daddy of eBook cover designer, Cover Action Pro is very popular among internet marketers and truly worth buying if you have spare money. It has 120 type of products including books, magazines, CD/DVD, boxes, business cards, membership cards, etc. The rendered images are very smooth and easily one of the best presentation among other action scripts. The price includes product catalog, the actions scripts, and video trainings which is very useful as it contains training on how to create product package or bundles. The also sell separate action scripts for creating more advanced product bundles.

eCover Suite Elite

Website: http://www.ecoversuiteelite.com

More than 60 type of products at half the price of Cover Action Pro. eCover Suite Elite also renders the product beautifully and it is the only one that I’ve come across that has book binding on the right side such as those found in Chinese or Japanese books. The scripts also comes in German and Spanish so this may be useful for some of you. There is no trial version but you can go to their blog and download a free software box action script

3D Cover Actions

Website: http://www.photoshopactionscripts.com

Another good script. Slightly cheaper than eCover Suite Elite, it has 50 type of products which includes iPod, USB drive, shopping bag, and even milk carton! The box with headphone is pretty funky too. Unlike Cover Action Pro that using code like BOX002 to name the script, at least 3D Cover Actions gives more meaningful names. The screenshot above was taken after loading 3D Cover Actions scripts to Photoshop.

Web 2.0 Covers

Website: http://www.web2covers.com

Web 2.0 Covers works slightly different in that it only comes with 8 type of products. However for each of the type, Web 2.0 Covers also supplies 55 “effects” (Photoshop layers that you can show/hide to create effects), 20 “shapes” (also layers for additional effects). So you can mix and match these effects to create nice covers. In addition, it also comes with 90 web 2.0 layer styles which will be loaded to the Photoshop’s Styles panel.

For someone with slightly below-average design skills like me, this is great as opposed to creating the design from scratch. However, what bugs me is that the sales page headline says “without Photoshop” but this is clearly Photoshop action scripts. Only at the bottom of the page it is mentioned that the scripts “work” with any program that opens PSD files such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and GIMP.

True BoxShot for Photoshop

Website: http://www.trueboxshot.com

True BoxShot has both standalone software and Photoshop plugin to create eBook cover called True BoxShot for Photoshop. It is a plugin rather than just action scripts so when launched, it will open a new window and you will work on that window when designing a cover. There are not many templates available but the preview window allows you to rotate, move and reshape the object, change the dimensions including the thickness of the book/box add some special effects. I don’t find this product to be very intuitive to use, but maybe that’s just me.


Website: http://www.productshotpro.com

This looks very much like Cover Action Pro with 100 product types with similar pricing. However, you can just buy individual set or a pack of 3 sets instead of buying the complete sets. If you want to buy 5 sets or more, it is more economical to just buy the complete sets. But ProductShotPro does not seem to come with training videos so Cover Action Pro is a better option if you are willing to spend the same amount of money.

eCover Go

Website: http://www.ecovergo.com

eCover Go looks like a value for money. With 150 type of products, it is only less than half the price of Cover Action Pro and it also works with older version of Photoshop. The scripts are the usual 3-step process and includes products like videotape, matchbox, can, gum package, PDA, baseball cap, etc while other scripts are usually limited strictly to information product types.

Cover Actions Premium

Website: http://www.coveractionspremium.com

Large amount of product types including beer bottle, vitamin bottle, and can. According to its website, Cover Actions Premium has 140 type of products and new type being added weekly. Trial is available but it’s not free. So for $3.95 you can get 3 scripts plus the PSD template file, but the 3 scripts are pre-selected. If you only need 1 script for creating eBook, the price is not bad at all compared to a single pack from ProductShotPro.

Of course there are many more Photoshop action scripts but I feel that the above are the most professional looking and offer value for money.